The Power of Virtual Reality in Mental Health: Discover Amelia Virtual Care Audio Guides

The Amelia Virtual Care Virtual Reality platform is designed to support psychologists and mental health professionals during consultations and streamline the clinical process.

In the last century, virtual reality (VR) has been shown to be the right technology to facilitate application of cognitive-behavioral and transversal techniques, including mindfulness and relaxation. VR empowers therapists who apply gradual exposure and cognitive desensitization to better approach difficult-to-access situations (e.g., airplane take-offs, landings, storms, etc.) and reduce logistics costs. Thanks to virtual reality, therapists can also benefit from the possibility of better controlling variables and reproducing exposure as much as needed. Moreover, this technology limits the imagination efforts undertaken by patients to increase adherence and achieve better results.

With more than 70 virtual environments (airport gates, high rooftops, tight spaces, social situations, and more), Amelia lets therapists use a wide range of resources and features to adapt consultations to patients’ needs. The platform simplifies the process of gradual exposure to work on different conditions related to dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. 

In addition, the Amelia team launches important releases every month to make sure mental health professionals can count on a variety of assets to facilitate and digitize therapy sessions.

This month, the tech team has collaborated with the clinical department to create different audio guides to apply cognitive strategies and work with patients on thought management and core dysfunctional beliefs. Clients of Amelia have access to seven audio guides in each environment included in their plan.

What are audio guides and how do they benefit clinical practice?

The audio guides lead patients through exercises and techniques during sessions on dysfunctional thought management or, on a deeper level, core beliefs.

Studies have shown that speaking with the patient while they are immersed in the virtual environment may reduce the level of immersion and presence. The audio guides act like a therapist’s voice or a “patient’s conscience” to preserve the level of immersion in the virtual scenario. For example, if a patient says that when they have to take a flight they think the plane is going to crash and they are going to die. The therapist may plan a session where the patient sits on the plane in the virtual world and combines it with the audio guide about “Overestimation”. This will help the patient more efficiently recognize the dysfunctional thoughts and better manage them, helping the therapist to work with the patient on cognitive restructuring.

This new feature allows therapists to use both behavioral and cognitive techniques, increasing the possibility of success and providing Amelia’s clients a complete platform that empowers them to better work on symptoms of sadness and related pathological conditions.

Likewise, the content of the audio guides can also be useful for practicing between sessions. The therapist may prescribe exercises between one session and another, asking the patient to write down the questions they have listened to in the audio guide and encourage them to repeat the questions while in another real-life situation of overestimation. 


If you think virtual reality may be what you are looking for, but you are concerned about how to start using the technology in your consultations, please know that Amelia will give you all the training and support you need. Our onboarding process and the Academy Program will help you gain a deep understanding of  VR and become a master in technology-based therapies.

In conclusion, the audio guides are a new Amelia cognitive feature that support mental health professionals to have an even more complete VR solution to work on a variety of conditions and apply a wide range of techniques.

Many therapists are already enjoying Amelia’s VR solution. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Amelia audio guides, click the button below.

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