The UIB transfers to Amelia Virtual Care a clinical protocol that will be applied in the treatment of phobias with Virtual Reality

Barcelona, May 26, 2021. – The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB is the acronym in Spanish) and Amelia Virtual Care have closed a collaboration agreement where the UIB will transfer to the company a clinical protocol, the so-called Computer Assisted Fear of Flying Treatment (CAFFT) , which will be exploited for the treatment of phobias with virtual reality (VR).

The Computer Assisted Fear of Flying Treatment (CAFFT) is a protocol created by UIB researchers based on the visualization of computer-generated virtual environments and that allows its use as an exposure technique, the most recommended to treat phobias and other disorders of anxiety. CAFFT has been empirically validated by a randomized controlled trial, a clinical utility study, and two efficacy comparison studies.

Amelia Virtual Care is a company specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) applied to health. Its international platform allows any health professional to intervene on mental disorders using VR, be it anxiety (phobias, for example), stress, or depression, among others. With this agreement, the protocol leaves the laboratory and can be used anywhere in the world.

Virtual reality has been used successfully in the treatment of phobias. From now on, Amelia Virtual Care incorporates CAFFT into its product catalog and makes it available to health professionals.

This is a success story in knowledge transfer, since a research project started in a university environment becomes a practical solution through collaboration with the company. In addition, the agreement includes an economic compensation that allows the University to consolidate the return to its Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) initiatives.

This model of knowledge transfer is an example of understanding and collaboration between the public and private sectors, where companies and universities come together to exploit a project with important social benefits. From Psious, it is intended that this collaboration can serve as a sample to reach more agreements with other leading universities or research centers in the treatment of mental illnesses.