RV Alejandro Alberca

“The patient feels comfortable with Amelia Virtual Care overcoming their phobias”

Alejandro Alberca is a general health psychologist at the Complutense University of Madrid with an experience of more than 12 years in Neuropsychological evaluation, additions, psychosomatic diseases and a total of 5 as an expert therapist in virtual reality.Alberca believes that his job as a psychologist is to find all the resources and solutions most appropriate for each of his patients for this reason, although being a psychologist of the cognitive-behavioral school he has adopted all kinds of techniques from all psychology schools to achieve the best treatment for each of his patients. For this reason, and with his fondness for new technologies he adopted virtual reality 5 years ago, as another tool in his consultation.Psious accompanies Alberca since its inception, being Alejandro one of the first to adopt virtual reality to his therapies. In his consultation, Alejandro Alberca applies therapies with Amelia Virtual Care as a fully integrated tool since he understands that it can be applied in any treatment to train relaxation and an indispensable tool for overcoming phobias:“Using Amelia Virtual Care in therapies is highly recommended as it allows a lot of versatility when treating anxiety disorders, such as phobias since it allows the patient to immerse in any scenario and is much more effective than the imagination of a scenario” .Alejandro Aleberca continues to rely on Amelia Virtual Care because he has proven that virtual reality therapies improve patient adherence to treatment:“Amelia Virtual Care is a tool that makes a patient feel comfortable while facing a fear, and yes, it is an important improvement in psychology. “