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Amelia Virtual Care Virtual Reality environments are built on the most widely accepted and effective paradigms of psychology, focusing on scientific papers and official guidelines related to cognitive-behavioral therapy (NICE and APA).

Since 2016 we have been part of:

  • 22 projects

  • >1200 patients

  • 9 countries

  • 36 communications

To further support the creation of new research, we collaborate with renowned global institutions:

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We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and solutions to improve our products and explore new fields.

We offer various collaboration and support services to forge partnerships that complement our internal research.

We welcome connections from all around the world!

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Innovation is a collaborative process and we aim to be the partner of choice.
We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we adapt quickly to develop the best strategic alliances that would boost your idea.

We are looking to

Connect and engage with

  • Academic researchers and scientists

  • Clinical groups and institutions

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups or established companies

  • NGOs and Patients’ Associations

  • VR software developers

We invest in

Partnerships to

Gain more evidence related to clinical validation of our products

Broaden the scope of our platform

Connect with hospitals and universities to pave the way for an Innovation Outpost

We assist and support you in every stage of your project!

  • Concept

  • Execution

  • Monitoring

  • Diffusion

  • Closing

We aim to maximize the synergies between Amelia Virtual Care, researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and patients. Together, we may deepen the impact of VR technology on the health sector.

We raise projects to another level, promoting innovative neuroadaptive technologies via VR, as well as technical assistance, commodity support, grants, and know-how.

Different approaches to boost your idea

Commodity support

We advocate for the open-science approach for the benefit of all stakeholders. We are committed to using our technology to carry out impactful research projects. We make material and licensing openly available for research and clinical groups.

Technical services

We believe in joint efforts and teamwork. We offer access to technical support to improve research facilities. An Amelia Virtual Care contact will be at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the project.


We possess deep expertise in VR technology and a reputable track record in project management. Our experiences have enabled us to help set each project in the right direction and open it up to potential contacts and collaborations.

Research support

We want to support prospective ideas and projects focused on VR as a tool in the health sector. We may provide research and clinical groups with a series of supports to stimulate and boost projects. Each grant is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Dive into our Health & Science Area to explore and help develop evidence-based innovative solutions in the field of health.


Scientific Projects

Efficacy of a mindfulness-based programme with and without virtual reality support to reduce stress in university students

A randomized controlled trial to evaluate a mindfulness-based program applied through VR to university students. The results showed that mindfulness applied through VR scenarios improved stress, well-being, and academic performance after the intervention and at a 6-month follow-up. Thus, VR may be considered a valuable tool to improve university students’ stress levels.

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