Virtual reality platform Psious rebrands to Amelia to better attend to mental health professionals’ needs

We are happy to announce that Psious, our virtual reality (VR) platform for mental health professionals, will change its name and corporate identity to Amelia Virtual Care. This represents just another important step in our company’s transformative growth. Currently, mental health professionals from more than 60 different countries are taking advantage of the promising technological product. Soon, the United States  will be next in line to enjoy the many benefits associated with virtual reality in mental health settings.

COVID-19 placed into question stigmas surrounding mental health and ushered in a high demand for mental health services. Healthcare providers in need of novel yet evidence-based means to deliver engaging patient experiences remotely look towards virtual reality. Indeed, the technology had become mainstream and affordable, so that its uptake in health environments would be possible. For this reason, it came of no surprise that Amelia experienced rose in use and popularity, with revenue figures doubling in 2021!

More than 30 years of evidence and over +1000 studies support the use of VR in mental health. With the passing of time and expansive contributions to the field from investigators and developers alike, virtual reality solutions are undergoing an evolution that underpins its future potential in mental health while conferring benefits, nonetheless, at the moment. For example, Amelia has been providing professionals with tools that can support them in enhancing therapeutic sessions for patients, whether in-person or remote.

“Our new name embodies the innovative spirit propelling us forward as we meet the growing need for evidence-based tools to improve mental health in the U.S. and globally,” affirms Xavier Palomer, founder and executive chairman for Amelia Virtual Care. “At the same time, the fresh change in name and branding better reflects our company’s roots. I started this company after learning about a friend’s fear of flying and uncovering a large body of evidence documenting the benefits of VR in helping treat phobias, social anxiety and other mental health conditions. A simulated flying scenario was the first VR environment we developed, but today it’s one of more than 140 VR environments mental health professionals are using to help facilitate patient therapy. With this background in mind and our commitment to continuous innovation, we proudly adopt Amelia as the name that will accompany us as we raise the stakes and reach the next level of market growth and leadership.”

Indeed, it is a befitting name.
Paying tribute to the first woman who dared to cross the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart, Amelia Virtual Care is a nod to all those brave people who embark on the path of innovation. Its logo includes rounded edges and open shapes to reflect the character of a start-up, while the soft and fluid lines represent the company’s ability to adapt to new environments. The different colors that breathe vibrancy into the logo capture the company’s leadership, potential, and vision for a future worth waiting for.