Amelia Virtual Care Clinical Network offers 1000 sessions of free psychological help during confinement


  • The clinical community of the virtual reality startup for mental health promotes an altruistic initiative through the web, from where more than 100 mental health professionals will offer psychological help sessions and free psychoeducational webinar
  • Solidarity action aims to help citizens, and especially the health personnel who are assisting us in these difficult times, to cope with the emotional burden generated by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Amelia Virtual Care makes its Amelia Virtual Care @ home ’app available to its Clinical Network to offer remote help sessions through virtual environments – The initiative is open and has the support of important entities of the ecosystem of health, mental health and digital health
  • The Amelia Virtual Care Clinical Network, a virtual reality platform for mental health, makes available to citizens 1,000 free remote psychological help sessions, and more than 50 psychoeducational webinars, with the aim of helping to alleviate the psychological effects derived from both confinement mandatory because of COVID-19, as well as the extreme working conditions in which the health personnel of our hospitals carry out their work these days.


Alarm state, also in mental health

Faced with the current health crisis, the authorities’ priority is to stop the spread of the virus and stop contagion. Confinement is the most effective measure to achieve this goal, but it can carry side effects and risks to the mental health of citizens in the short and medium term. To the anxiety generated by the uncertainty of the situation and the fear of contagion, stress is added by a confinement that can last from several weeks to months. In the case of health personnel, in addition to these problems, stress due to responsibility, physical and mental exhaustion, and the concern derived from the continued risk of their own lives. 

In view of this alarming situation from the mental health point of view, the Clinical Network of Psious, formed by mental health professionals with extensive clinical experience and trained in the use of telemedicine and virtual reality tools, launches the open and supportive Staystrongathome initiative, aimed at society in its entirety, but which will prioritise psychological support for health personnel.

Psychological help sessions: remotely and through virtual reality environments

From anyone can request individual 30-minute remote sessions with a professional from the Amelia Virtual Care Clinical Network. During the session, the user will learn to practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques with the help of the Amelia Virtual Care @ home app using virtual reality environments. 

Amelia Virtual Care has made the Amelia Virtual Care @ home app available to its Clinical Network to offer remote help sessions using virtual reality. Thanks to this technological solution, user and therapist connect remotely to the therapist’s virtual reality platform, and visualize virtual environments designed to practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques. The app is intuitive to use, and can be used by anyone who has a state-of-the-art Android mobile, or a virtual reality device. 

During the 30-minute sessions, the user will learn to better manage stress by practicing relaxation and / or mindfulness techniques. During it, you will follow the therapist’s instructions in your immersion in the virtual environments of Amelia Virtual Care @ home. 

More than 50 psychoeducational webinars, resources and more initiatives

In parallel to the 1000 sessions of therapeutic help, the Amelia Virtual Care Clinical Network will offer more than 50 psychoeducational webinars during confinement. On the website, interested users will find the list of webinars with the information and the registration form. 

In addition, an exhaustive list of resources and guides can be found on the website, as well as a complete compilation of solidarity initiatives aimed at helping citizens to overcome the crisis situation generated by COVID-19. 

An open initiative and backed by relevant entities in the health sector

The solidarity action is born supported by entities of the health ecosystem such as Barcelona Health Hub, Barcelona Health 2.0, CG Ventures, DKV, Digital Health Connector, Grup Mutuam, Spanish Group for Multimodal Rehabilitation (GERM), ITA (mental health specialists), Universitat de les Illes Balears, and TIC Salut. 

Any entity that wants to collaborate with its dissemination can do so by sending an email to or simply sharing the web on social networks with the hashtag #staystrongathome.