Amelia Virtual Care launches its new virtual reality-based teletherapy solution

The new solution, included in its VR platform for therapists, combines the freedom of remote treatments with the benefits of Virtual Reality for mental health.

Psious, a virtual reality platform for mental health, announces the launch of Amelia Virtual Care for Smartphones, its new solution that allows therapists from all over the world to conduct remote therapy sessions with the use of virtual environments.

Telepsychology defined by the General Council of Psychology as “the provision of psychological services using information and telecommunication technologies” has become an opportunity for mental health professionals to be able to offer psychological help without geographical limitations.

In order to take advantage of the limitless possibilities that distance therapies offer to mental health professionals and patients, Amelia Virtual Care has developed Amelia Virtual Care for smartphones, a pioneering solution that provides everything the therapist needs to offer teletherapy through virtual environments. The application, available for Android smartphones and virtual reality devices such as Oculus or Pico, allows the therapist to launch the virtual reality environments of the Amelia Virtual Care platform on the remote device used by the patient, in the same way as if the patient was in the room.

Amelia Virtual Care for smartphones not only offers the freedom of teletherapy, but also expands the therapeutic possibilities for mental health professionals, allowing to accelerate the results of the treatments, since from now on their patients will be able to practice the VR sessions treated in consultation, at home, like homework, with or without the remote guidance of the therapist.

Users (patients) can download the application for free from, and soon on Google Play, and access the virtual environments for relaxation and mindfulness in automatic mode, or navigate through the virtual environments that the therapist will launch during the remote session.

More than 25 years of scientific studies support the benefits of using virtual reality for mental health. Now, to the effectiveness and efficiency of this technology for psychotherapy, the possibility of applying it remotely thanks to Amelia Virtual Care for smartphones is added.