Amelia Virtual Care and Pico Interactive revolutionize mental health therapy with the launch of a new virtual reality platform for psychologists

  • Amelia Virtual Care announces the launch of its new virtual reality platform 3.0 for mental health
  • The platform incorporates a kit with state-of-the-art virtual reality headset produced by Pico Interactive especially for the new Amelia Virtual Care platform
  • The new technological solution includes more than 100 virtual reality scenes and 2D and 360º videos, to be used as a mental health intervention tool


Barcelona, ​​November 22nd, 2019.- Psious, the first virtual reality platform for mental health, announces an agreement with Pico Interactive to launch its new VR therapy platform 3.0. Amelia Virtual Care has selected Pico as a preferred partner in the development and production of the latest virtual reality goggles included in the platform. With this release, mental health professionals around the world will have access to the most advanced and easy-to-use virtual reality solution for mental health available on the market.

The new proposal represents a milestone in the way of accessing a virtual reality by mental health professionals as it offers a native integration between the virtual reality headset -used by the patients-, and the VR therapy platform -managed by the therapist-. In just one click, patients and psychologists link their respective devices and can begin to perform the therapeutic session without the need for any computer knowledge.

With the new platform, Amelia Virtual Care also launches new virtual reality environments for the treatment of complex pathologies with a high social impact. To the more than 70 VR and AR environments available in the platform to date to treat multiple psychopathologies such as anxiety disorders (phobias, agoraphobia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, test anxiety), stress, OCD, PTSD, eating and food disorders, pain management, relaxation techniques and mindfulness for both adults and children, the new 3.0 platform incorporates virtual reality scenes designed for evaluation and intervention in cases of bullying.

Finally, the Amelia Virtual Care 3.0 platform incorporates important improvements in usability and functionalities. Now, therapists can easily find scenes using a keyword-based search engine, mark and organize their favorite environments and scenes, and add personal annotations to patient profiles. In early 2020, they will be able to measure the patient’s reactions during the session using heat maps.

According to Xavier Palomer, CEO of Psious: “The alliance with Pico Interactive is the best business partnership to respond to the technological roadmap of our platform. It also reinforces our commitment to offering the most advanced, complete and easy-to-use VR solution for mental health professionals. The synergies between the two companies open up endless possibilities for innovation in Digital Therapeutics”.

For his part, Leland Hedges, Commercial Director of Pico Interactive EMEA, highlights: “Pico is proud to partner with Amelia Virtual Care as our goals align perfectly: we are both looking to improve the lives of others. It’s exciting to see the advancements VR is making in mental health therapy to improve the patient experience and recovery”.

With this announcement, the company, recently awarded the prize for the best digital health start-up of the Barcelona Health Hub, reinforces its triple commitment to (1) lead innovation in Digital Therapeutics, (2) evangelize in the use of virtual reality for mental health treatments , and (3) facilitate access to these solutions to all professionals in the industry. More than 2,000 psychologists from more than 25 different countries have so far treated a total of 15,000 patients with the Amelia Virtual Care platform.

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