New General Manager for Amelia Virtual Care US

Guy Weinberg has been appointed General Manager Amelia’s operations in the United States. He will be responsible for developing innovative business strategies that optimize the growth of Amelia Virtual Care in the U.S. Weinberg has more than 15 years of experience in digital health. For the last couple of years, his primary focus has been telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.

Guy Weinberg’s appointment is part of the company’s plan for expansion and development, and the timing couldn’t be more opportune. The whole world is experiencing changes in the way we access medical treatments, and more and more technological solutions are needed to satisfy the demand in anxiety and mental health disorders.

“Amelia Virtual Care has developed an amazing universal platform that offers robust and rich clinical content in many therapeutic areas, along with exceptional telehealth capabilities. I am confident that with such a great product along with my experience and leadership, Amelia Virtual Care will soon become a significant force in the U.S.” Weinberg has said.

He hopes to contribute and help Amelia Virtual Care become a significant player in the U.S. market, developing the value proposition in telehealth and remote patient monitoring and leading commercialization efforts in the U.S.

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