Ma. Eulàlia Portí de Ballabriga

Ma. Eulàlia Portí de Ballabriga

Rambla 207, 4t 2a. Sabadell Barcelona España


The specific type of therapy is integrative therapy, which includes psychodynamic, humanistic, systemic and cognitive-behavioral aspects.


Professional type: Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist

Language: Español, Catalán

Patients: Kids, Adolescents, Adults, Senior Citizens

Price per session: First session 85€; next sessions 55€

Type of therapy: Pain distraction, Virtual Reality, Psychoeducation

Techniques: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Systematic desensitisation, Exposure, Breathing, Muscle relaxation, Cognitive restructuring, Mindfulness

First sessión free: No

Name of Clinic: Centre Sanitari Portí

Online therapy: Yes


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