Luciana Fernández Moretti

Luciana Fernández Moretti

Avda. de la Coruña, 58 28231 - Las Rozas Madrid - España


We specialise in clinical conditions where the emotional centres of the brain have learned to be HYPERALERT and organised to FIGHT or ESCAPE, and need an active approach to CALM and re-establish fluid communication between body and mind.


Professional type: Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist

Language: Español, Inglés

Patients: Kids, Adolescents, Adults, Groups

Type of therapy: EMDR, Dialectical Behavioural therapy, Acceptance and commitment therapy, Virtual Reality

Techniques: Humanist therapy, Systematic desensitisation, Exposure, Breathing, Mindfulness

First sessión free: Si

Name of Clinic: Instituto Río Psicología

Online therapy: Yes


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