José Antonio Lora Muñoz

José Antonio Lora Muñoz

Avenida Eduardo Dato, 41, (Res. Óscar Carvallo) Bloque 12, bajo A, Sevilla España


Our centre specialises in ADHD (children, young people and adults), as well as in Neurofeedback training, as well as working a lot on anxiety, fears and social problems. Difficulties in reading and writing are also very common in our practice.


Professional type: Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist, Pedagogist or Speech therapist

Language: Español

Patients: Kids, Adolescents, Families

Type of therapy: Pain distraction, EMDR, Acceptance and commitment therapy, Virtual Reality, Psychoeducation

Techniques: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Systematic desensitisation, Exposure, Breathing, Muscle relaxation, Cognitive restructuring, Social Skills Training

First sessión free: Si

Name of Clinic: Centro de Psicología Infantil Juvenil INPSI

Online therapy: Yes


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