Bárbara Gogénola García – Gijón

Bárbara Gogénola García – Gijón

C/Marqués de San Esteban nº 56 entlo A Gijón España


Gogénola Psicología aims to accompany individuals, families or groups in the management of the difficulties that surprise us in everyday life, derived from work, social relationships, family…etc.


Professional type: Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coach, Pedagogist or speech therapist

Language: Español, Inglés, Italiano

Patients: Kids, Adolescents, Adults, Senior citizens, Couples, Families, Groups

Type of therapy: Virtual Reality, Psychoeducation

Techniques: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Systematic desensitisation, Exposure, Breathing, Muscle relaxation, Cognitive restructuring, Social Skills Training, Mindfulness

First sessión free: No

Name of Clinic: Gogénola Psicologia

Online therapy: Yes


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