Alejandro Alberca González

Alejandro Alberca González

c/ Castilla la nueva 22b of 16 Fuenlabrada España


I have been a licensed health psychologist for more than 12 years, my vocation is to help the patient and although my base is cognitive behavioral, I have also been trained in the rest of the main schools in order to give the best possible care to the patient without losing empirical consistency. I am tech savvy and I adapt this technology to the therapy in order to give the best possible experience.


Professional type: Psychotherapist, General Health Psychologist

Language: Español

Patients: Kids, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families

Type of therapy: Dialectical Behavioural therapy, Virtual Reality, Psychoeducation

Techniques: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Systematic desensitisation, Exposure, Breathing, Muscle relaxation, Cognitive restructuring, Social Skills Training

First sessión free: No

Name of Clinic: CTYSM Psicología

Online therapy: Yes


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