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“I had been interested in the use of Virtual reality for my practice for many years. However, I thought the cost was too prohibitive for my solo practice. Then in 2016, I found Amelia Virtual Care and my wait was over. I have been using the Amelia’s platform ever since.”

Howard Gurr

Clinical Psychologist, New York

“Amelia Virtual Care has made us a leader in the field of mental health. Clients see tremendous improvement and move towards their total wellness goals much faster!”

Nicole Liggins

CEO Guided Grace Family and Youth Services, Saginaw, Michigan

“Virtual reality became an incredible step between the therapy room and the real world. The patient can now experience a situation immersively without the need to leave the consultation room”

Michael Carthy

Clinical Psychologist, London

“Amelia Virtual Care has allowed to differentiate myself from the majority of psychologists who continued to use conventional techniques. Virtual reality has empowered me to have more tools in order to help a greater number of patients”

Patricia Olivé

Clinical Psychologist, Barcelona

“Amelia has allowed me to take my practice to a new level. Considering how much the Pandemic has changed and, in some cases, limited patient interactions, using VR remotely has been such a benefit that has helped bridge that gap. I would recommend Amelia without hesitation to other providers”

Thomas Fulbrook

Therapist LCSW, Frisco, Texas