About Amelia Virtual Care’s VR Platform and How It Supports Mental Health Professionals

The Amelia VR Platform is easy to use, fast, and affordable.

Amelia Virtual Care – formerly known as Psious – provides a virtual reality platform used by therapists who perform mental health assessments and interventions.

Through close collaboration with leading public and private institutions, we are proud to advance research and promote evidence-based care for better mental-health practices, globally.

The benefits of VR in mental health are supported by 30+ years of evidence and over 1000+ studies. As evidence of the advantages of VR in mental health accumulated, adoption of its use by mental health professionals has steadily grown.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To improve mental health through the use of science-based new technologies

Our Vision

To become the world leader of virtual reality in healthcare

Our Values

  • Positive social impact

  • Global mindset

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Passion & empathy

Our History

The name Amelia Virtual Care comes from the first-ever woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart.

Amelia left England for the United States on an air crossing that lasted more than 20 hours and 40 minutes–a daring accomplishment that went against predictions and showcased her tenacity.

Indeed, Amelia made a name for herself in aviation history.

Her steadfast fearlessness inspires Amelia Virtual Care to continue fighting in a sector typically led by large corporations.

Thank you, Amelia Earhart, for inspiring us in this journey as we aim to make history with our solution.

The Genesis

The idea of Amelia Virtual Care appeared unexpectedly when…

Xavier Palomer, Founder of Amelia.

“Amelia started in 2014 while I was having a drink with two friends 8 years ago. The first one was afraid of flying and mentioned the problems generated by this situation. The other one, a psychologist, responded how VR could be a tool to address his problem.

I found out that literature regarding VR technology was extensive and scientific validation quite robust. Yet, despite this incredible background, the technology was not accessible to professionals and patients worldwide. I saw an opportunity. At Amelia, we bring technology based on VR to a market-ready solution. This is our core!”

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