What about the DTx?

Digital Therapeutics are not the future, they are a reality today. More and more digital therapies are more integrated into society and the health ecosystem. And it is that, at present, there is an accelerated digitalization of the health sector, either in products or in how medicine is presented today.Therefore, Digital Therapeutics Aliance (DTA), with the aim that the entire healthcare environment gains confidence with the future of the digitalization of medicine, DTA leads the development of the study “Digital Therapeutics: Combining Technology and Evidence-based Medicine to Transform Personalized Patient Care ”that meets the objective of defining the Digital Therapeutics sector and its development.First, to contextualize the term of the Digital Therapeutics (DTx), the study defines the Digital Heatlh sector in which the DTx are framed. In this way, it is defined as “the set of technologies that involve patients in health care”. Secondly, Digital Therapeutics are understood as “Therapeutic interventions for patients driven by software as a means of preventing, managing or treating a disorder or disease”.


Characteristics of Digital Therapeutics

Once the DTx have been defined, the study also identifies those characteristics of Digital Therapeutics.

  • First, DTx can be used while combining or not with drugs or other therapies to optimize patient care and health.
  • Second, DTx incorporates the best technology related to design, clinical validity, usability and data protection
  • Third, they are approved by regulatory bodies that analyze risk, effectiveness and usability
  • Ultimately, DTx provides intelligent and accessible tools to all patients


Application of Digital Therapeutics

The application of DTx can be as varied as types of diseases exist. Even so, the study synthesizes in 4 the functions that can have:

-For the treatment of a disease or disorder

-Help prevent disorders or diseases

-Optimize medication

-Address a medical condition

The considerations related to safety and quality are the ones that currently concern the health ecosystem the most. Therefore, in terms of the basis of basic principles that all those DTx must comply with, industry leaders indicate that the design of the product and its manufacture is decisive, secondly, scientific validation, safety and maintenance, and Finally, the supervision of DTx by a regulatory body.


Future of Digital Therapeutics

The DTx have great potential for a not too distant future, to establish their global presence in a significant way given its benefits such as the ability to provide therapies based on scientific evidence with so far an insufficient diagnosis, personalization of patient care or show innovative medical interventions in an attractive way.

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